Anaplan applied: New capabilities for orchestrating business performance

Evan Quasney, VP Global Supply Chain Solutions, Anaplan

Danielle Dahlstrom, Director of Product Marketing, Finance Solutions, Anaplan

Jason Loh, Global Head of Sales, Marketing Solutions, Anaplan

Mike Detampel, Sr. Director, Supply Chain Solutions, Anaplan

Cathal Doyle, CEO, Bedford Consulting

Kevin Josephson, Partner, Spaulding Ridge

Ryohei Sasakawa, Managing Director, Qunie

Anaplan product innovations help deliver transformative solutions to enable business leaders to plan, model, act, and achieve center-to-edge alignment via 3 distinct pillars: connected planning & insights, continuous modelling and forecasting, and synchronized action and readiness. But “how” exactly? Join Anaplan’s Evan Quasney, alongside other Anaplan executives, as they relate new platform capabilities unveiled in the product keynote to value-driven solution applications. In this demo-fueled session, they will dive into the platform to showcase various functional and operational use cases, demonstrating the power of the Anaplan platform to better orchestrate business performance.