Intelligent demand management — The recipe for today’s supply chain resilience

Mike Detampel, Sr. Director, Supply Chain Solutions, Anaplan

Darin Seibel, Business Operations Manager II - Anaplan Team Lead, DISH Network

Kiran Saindane, Director of Supply Chain Management Solutions, Anaplan

Pierre Mawet, Managing Director, Accenture

Companies today face an increasing number of disruptions that traditional supply chain operations and demand management processes can’t effectively manage. At the same time, supply chain management has been elevated as a strategic commercial tool for CEOs to orchestrate business performance. This convergence creates a high-stakes environment in which supply chain leaders need to ensure dynamic, intelligent decision-making across replenishment, fulfillment, and allocation. Join Anaplan’s Senior Director of Supply Chain Solutions, Mike Detampel, Global Strategic Partner Pierre Mawet of Accenture, and special guest Darin Seibel of DISH as they reveal how leading enterprises are instilling supply chain resiliency via a recipe of strategic hindsight, foresight, insight and oversight. You’ll learn how this approach drives better forecasting and end-to-end visibility, while reducing operational risk and maximizing product velocity and profitability.

Additional assests for this session include:

White paper : The shock-resistant, resilient supply chain

Customer story : DISH customer story

Webinar : Achieve your growth objectives with Demand Management